Business Sale and Exit Planning

Most business owners don’t think of the complexities involved in selling their businesses until it is too late.  Properly preparing for an exit can take several years.  Only by thoroughly planning and executing a strategy geared towards an eventual sale can the maximum value of a life’s work be realized for the business owner.

Our process ensures that you will be ready to sale your business when the time comes. We handle everything you will need and get all of your ducks in a line to finally cash in on your hard work, energy, and investment.


Business Sale and Exit Planning Expertise:

  • Conduct a sample due diligence process to identify gaps in information

  • Thorough analysis and clean-up of financial records

  • Set up and documentation of all business processes and procedures

  • Inventory of all physical assets of the company

  • Review of all legal, employee, customer, and vendor contacts

  • Review all insurance policies

  • Develop and test a disaster recovery plan

  • Draft and execute key employee contracts

  • Oversee business valuation process

  • Planning and coaching for the post-sale future

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All of our engagements begin with establishing a baseline for your business and developing a roadmap for the progression through the trinity.

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