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The focus on the name Trinity is to keep all of our processes for your business to three elements. Our overarching Trinity is to focus on your company’s earnings, growth, and value.

The first part of that process is to look at the business holistically and focus on earnings. The business owner will start by completing a Value Builder Assessment, which will establish a baseline for the business as well as a roadmap. This assessment is free and will give us visibility into the eight functional areas of the business that drive the overall value of the business. Upon completing, you will immediately receive the overall score from 0-100.

After taking the assessment, the results of the Value Builder Assessment are carefully analyzed and reviewed with the business owner and management team and a plan of action is developed to improve the performance in any of those areas that under perform.

Once any issues that arise from the assessment are addressed, the process turns to growth by identifying the key products, services, and market segments that provide the greatest growth opportunity for the business.

From there we will build in processes and procedures that will insure that the growth is sustainable and repeatable. The outgrowth of these two steps is an increase in the value of the business and higher operating profits and ultimately more money to the business owner when the business is sold.





All of our engagements begin with establishing a baseline for your business and developing a roadmap for the progression through the trinity.

Start by taking our Value Builder Assessment that will rank your business in eight different functional categories.
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